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Czech Republic (CZE)

Olympic Group Czech Olympic Committee
Governing Body Cesky Atleticky Svaz
Olympic Medal Count Gold: 13 Silver: 17 Bronze: 13[1]

Czech Republic is a nation which sends athletes to the Olympics.


2008 Olympic Team

Defending Olympic champion Roman Šebrle, the Decathlon World record holder, has struggled with muscle injuries in his build up to Beijing, while Barbora Špotáková, who like Šebrle is a reigning World champion, has been in great form. The two athletes head the 29 strong mission going to next month’s Olympics.

While the world’s greatest decathlete has had his injury problems there is no doubt that the multiple Czech record holder in the women’s Javelin Throw is even stronger than previous years. Špotáková threw her national record at the end of May in Zaragoza, respectively 69.15m.

Other possible medal hopes reside in Jaroslav Bába, bronze medallist in Athens, who will be accompanied by Tomáš Janků, European silver medallist. Then there is also the World silver medallist in the women’s Pole Vault, Kateřina Baďurová who has made a great comeback from injury last winter. 2005 World Discus bronze medallist Věra Cechlová is another name to watch out for, having come fourth in Athens.

For 16 Czech athletes out of the 29 Beijing squad it will be their first Olympic participation, there are 17 men and 12 women in the team. Two more women have fulfilled standard but they will miss Olympics. High jumper Barbora Laláková dropped out after a torn Achilles’ heel, pole-vaulter Pavla Rybová is pregnant.[2]


Discipline Name Best Qualifying Effort (Date, Meet)
100m Lukáš Milo 10.26 s (4th July, Tábor)
200m Jiří Vojtík 20.60 s (7th June, Praha)
400m Rudolf Götz 45.78 s (31st May, Ostrava)
800m Jakub Holuša 1:46.15 (1st June, Berlin)
110m H Petr Svoboda 13.29 s (4th July, Tábor)
110m H Stanislav Sajdok 13.53 s (12th June, Ostrava)
HJ Jaroslav Bába 2.30 m (24th February, Praha)
HJ Tomáš Janků 2.30 m (21st June, Leiria & 4th July, Tábor)
PV Jan Kudlička 5.70 m (9th July, Praha & 12th July, Plzeň)
PV Štěpán Janáček 5.70 m (16th July, Stará Boleslav)
LJ Roman Novotný 8.21 m (22nd July, Brno)
SP Petr Stehlík 20.17 m (20th May, Turnov)
DT Jan Marcell 63.59 m (14th June, Olomouc)
HT Lukáš Melich 76.97 m (31st May, Ostrava)
JT Vítězslav Veselý 79.70 m (18th June, Kladno)
Decathlon Roman Šebrle 8076 pts (18th & 19th June, Kladno)
50km walk Roman Bílek 3:58:42 (29th March, Dudince)

[2] Track and road events

Event Athletes Heat Round 1 Heat Round 2 Semifinal Final
Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank
100 m Lukáš Milo 10.52 5 Did not advance
200 m Jiří Vojtík 21.05 4 Did not advance
400 m Rudolf Götz 46.38 6 Did not advance
800 m Jakub Holuša 1:48.19 3 Did not advance
110 m hurdles Stanislav Sajdok 13.89 6 Did not advance
Petr Svoboda 13.43 3 Q 13.41 2 Q 13.60 7 Did not advance
50 km walk Roman Bílek 4:18:32 45

Field events

Event Athletes Qualification Final
Result Rank Result Rank
Long jump Roman Novotný 7.94 12 Q 8.00 8
High jump Jaroslav Bába 2.29 =1 Q 2.29 6
Tomáš Janků 2.29 =1 Q 2.29 7
Pole vault Jan Kudlička 5.65 8 Q 5.45 10
Štěpán Janáček 5.30 =17 Did not advance
Shot put Petr Stehlík 19.41 28 Did not advance
Discus throw Jan Marcell 59.52 28 Did not advance
Javelin throw Vítězslav Veselý 81.20 5 76.76 12
Hammer throw Lukáš Melich 70.56 29 Did not advance

Combined events

Decathlon Event Roman Šebrle
Results Points Rank
100 m 11.21 814 =27
Long jump 7.68 980 4
Shot put 14.78 776 16
High jump 2.11 906 =1
400 m 49.54 836 16
110 m hurdles 14.71 885 =21
Discus throw 45.50 777 12
Pole vault 4.80 849 =9
Javelin throw 63.93 797 10
1500 m 4:49.63 621 19
Final 8241 6

Official Olympic Athletics Schedule Men: Triathlon

Athlete Event Swim (1.5km) Bike (40km) Run (10km) Total Rank
Filip Ospalý Individual 18:17 58:56 32:41 1:50:53.69 20


Barbora Spotakova
Discipline Name Best Qualifying Effort (Date, Meet)
100m H Lucie Škrobáková 12.93 s (4th July, Tábor)
400m H Zuzana Hejnová 54.96 s (12th June, Ostrava)
HJ Iva Straková 1.98 m (15th March, Čejkovice)
HJ Romana Dubnova 1.95 m (8th February, Eaubonne)
PV Kateřina Baďurová 4.35 m (12th July, Plzeň)
TJ Martina Šestáková 14.16 m (5th July, Tábor)
DT Věra Cechlová 63.10 m (8th June, Eugene)
HT Lenka Ledvinová 69.03 m (12th July, Plzeň)
JT Barbora Špotáková 69.15 m (31st May, Zaragoza)
JT Jarmila Klimešová 61.02 m (4th June, Kalamata)
Heptathlon Denisa Ščerbová 6104 pts (18th & 19th June, Kladno)
20km walk Zuzana Schindlerová 1:33:15 (9th March, Lugano)


Track and road events

Event Athletes Heat Round 1 Heat Round 2 Semifinal Final
Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank Result Rank
100 m hurdles Lucie Škrobáková 13.18 6 Did not advance
400 m hurdles Zuzana Hejnová 55.91 3 Q 55.17 4 Q 54.97 7
20 km walk Zuzana Schindlerová 1:32.57 27

Field events

Event Athletes Qualification Final
Result Rank Result Rank
Long jump Denisa Ščerbová 6.46 20 Did not advance
Triple jump Martina Šestáková No mark - Did not advance
High jump Romana Dubnová 1.93 14 Q 1.89 15
Iva Straková 1.93 7 Q 1.93 12
Pole vault Kateřina Baďurová No mark - Did not advance
Discuss throw Věra Pospíšilová-Cechlová 61.61 Q 9 61.75 5
Javelin throw Jarmila Klimešová 57.25 21 Did not advance
Barbora Špotáková 67.69 Q 1 71.42 Image:Med 1.png
Hammer throw Lenka Ledvinová 67.17 26 Did not advance

Combined events

Heptathlon Event Denisa Ščerbová
Results Points Rank
100 m hurdles 13.88 995 25
High jump 1.65 795 =36
Shot Put Did not start
200 m
Long jump
Javelin throw
800 m

Official Olympics Athletics Schedule Women Triathlon

Athlete Event Swim (1.5km) Bike (40km) Run (10km) Total Rank
Vendula Frintová Individual 20:53 1:05:29 36:06 2:03:27.49 23
Lenka Zemanová Individual 20:00 DNF -

Official Olympic Triathlon Schedule

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