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In honor of the 115th Boston Marathon, we are focusing on marathons, including specific events, competitors and organizers.

Did you know that ... Pete Pfitzinger a runner with only a 14:04 5K PR trained himself into running a 2:11 marathon PR?


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There have been several organized stage races across America: 1928 C.C Pyle’s International Trans-Continental Race (From LA to New York); 1929 C.C Pyle’s Race – From New York to LA.; 1992-1995 The Trans-America Footrace -organized by Jesse Dale Riley, who lived at the time in Key West, Florida, and Michael Kenney of Eugene, Oregon and sponsored by Runners World Magazine.; and 2002 Race Across America organized by Alan Firth.

James E. Shapiro's book Ultramarathon lists the record runs across America. More...

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