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Venezuela (VEN)

Olympic Group Comité Olímpico Venezolano
NOC Website
Governing Body Federacion Venezolana de Atletismo
Olympic Medal Count Gold: 1 Silver: 2 Bronze: 8[1]

Venezuela is a nation which sends athletes to the Olympics since 1948, and has sent athletes to compete in every Summer Olympic Games since then. Venezuela has also participated in the Winter Olympic Games since 1998. Venezuelan athletes have won a total of ten medals, mostly in boxing. The National Olympic Committee for Venezuela was created in 1935.

2008 Olympics

Event Athlete Age Finish
Men's 200 m José Acevedo 22 5 h5 r1/4
Men's 800 m Eduard Villanueva 23 6 h4 r1/3
Men's Marathon Luis Fonseca 31 DNF
Women's Javelin Throw María González 26 48 QR

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  1. As of 2008-08-29.